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About Us

We are an outsourcing company strategically located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, that provides business assistance to Japanese companies. We also offer relocations services that ensure a smooth transition for our clients from Japan to Europe. 

office unikk plus Representative: Kuniko Shirai

Kuniko started as an interpreter and local coordinator in England and Italy while studying at the University of London (UCL). Back in Tokyo, she worked as a translator and interpreter at a foreign diplomatic mission before joining the marketing and human resources departments of a foreign-affiliated company. After gaining experience in Japanese companies in the Netherlands,
she engaged in building and operating service content in a Japanese start-up relocation company. From there, Kuniko has chosen an independent route. Currently, she is running office unikk plus, a Japanese relocation/business support company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has lived with her family in 7 countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Our Mission

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